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AAA Rollover your 401-K

Rollover your AAA 401-K Here Educating employees about their workplace retirement plans.                         Plan Sponsors/Employers may address plan costs, integration with Social security and barriers to consistent participation.Plan Fees will be taken into consideration. Department of Labor passed fee disclosure regulation 408(b)(2)   At the end of this course, you will:   ·         Get on the right path with your workplace savings plan: SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, 401K, Solo 401K. ·         Build an investment strategy, asset allocation, diversification and risk vs. return potential. Complete the risk tolerance questionnaire from Vanguard. Know what is suitable for you. ·         Know the importance of balancing and prioritizing other non-retirement goals to save appropriately. ·         Build the foundation improving budgeting and debt management. ·         Review information available through websites, planning tools, calculators and resources available. ·         Compare a percentage of assets cost to a flat monthly subscription rate.     Required Background To successfully complete this course, you must: ·         Employee: Want to know what to do when enrollment period starts. Take advantage of the knowledge of your financial professional. Realize tax deferred growth of your investments.
  • Plan Sponsor/Employer: Want to save for your own retirement, receive tax credits and other incentives from the federal government. Attract and keep better employees.
Save on 401-K accont costs and fees. Have Questions Personalize your plan. Email:

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